About Us

Founded in 1983, W. M. Martin Advertising was initially started from a basic need. Promotional product distributors were hard to find and Winnie Mae Martin’s husband need some imprinted products. Winnie set off to find out how to get these products and thus W. M. Martin Advertising was born. The name was chosen to appear a bit more like WM (William) because in 1983 women didn’t own companies. Many women didn’t even work because it interfered with their “duties” in the home. Now, a second purpose was executed to provide flexible work opportunities for women, so that they could not only keep family as a priority but also bring in additional funds to the family.


Since then, our company and the industry have changed quite a bit. We have gone from the early days of paper catalog distribution and physically mailing clip art and purchase orders to today’s online marketing and distribution with the ability to easily find promotional distributors. The world is a busy place and with so many choices and distractions it is hard to know where to put your media spend. Everyone loves digital but have you ever noticed that at sporting events when all eyes might be on the jumbo Tron, the minute tshirts or other goods are being mass distributed, the crowd goes into a frenzy to get one of those give aways? Have you ever been to a tradeshow and noticed how many people are looking at what is being given as a take aways? With the right product selection, tangible goods can have a forever home in your home, car or office, People love products, especially when they are unique, useful or both.


We have seen a lot of industry change and yes, we are all busy but you can relax. We know our industry and as your branding specialists, can guide you through the selection of the right product(s) for you. We are with you every Step of the way.


*Product pricing may be subject to additional tariffs.

Before processing any order, we will reach out to you with current product pricing.