As your marketing partner, it is helpful for us to know a few things about you. This will help us suggest the proper marketing tools for your goals/events. Early in the discovery process we need to know what your theme, goals, time frame, budget, quantity and target audience. With this information we can do all the research for you, i.e. we will be your personal shopper. You can Relax, knowing that we are doing the work to reach your goals, thereby freeing you up to move on to other priorities. It is good to know your timeline and most projects fall within one of the below categories:       





 Stroll in the park- Stroll in the Park service is when you are in no rush, at least 4 weeks out for a product or program need. We will be responsive, typically the same day, to clarify your needs and be able to present you with ideas, typically within 24 hours.


 Quick on our feet services is when you look at the calendar and think, oh my, I completely forgot about “X” event which is next week and I need something NOW! Let us know if you are ever in a squeeze for time as early as possible and we will put on our running shoes to find the perfect fit for your needs. In order for us to be your best fit and provide you with excellent service and suggestions, it is important that we know your timeline as early in the inquiry process as possible. On occasion, rush fees may be required to meet a quick delivery but we will let you know costs upfront so that you can Relax, knowing that you are working with Branding Specialists.


 Marathon- this is a project that can take months to build upon and often requires custom work or overseas production. Again, with our services, you can Relax while we work you through each Step of the way, all while assuring that whatever we produce, will be produced in corporately, socially, environmentally and ethically responsible ways.


 Other services include: Creative Design, Printing Services, Uniform Programs, Company Stores, Onboarding or other kits with fulfillment. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you take the next step in marketing.


*Product pricing may be subject to additional tariffs.

Before processing any order, we will reach out to you with current product pricing.